Thursday, 3 December 2009

Beau Luxe - For Lula Magazine

Here is the Mag Layout:

Beau Luxe

This was my latest photoshoot i did. Its for my new course Fashion Promotion wooooohhhhh. Our creative styling project yessss i modeled again but only cos my booked model bailed on me. My styling Assistant was good friend Claire Anderson. Kensington Leverne was my photographer and Laurence Taylor was his assistant. the shoot took place in my bedroom it was a right laugh. i had 400 squid to spend on cloths obvs i went to my fav Topshop and got the maj of clothes from their. The shoot was a faux editorial for Lula Magazine, i think it was v. sucessful. The inspiration was the 40's, galliano and just girlyness basically. FUN, FUN, FUN !!!

All For Milli

This was a shoot i modeled for milli on, it was to show off her designs. I loved it, id deffo wear these clothes on holiday. The second Third and Fourth Designs are Camilla Shroffs. I dont know the names of the designer in the first image.

My Faux Photoshop for Topshop

This was for an A3 trend booklette for Topshop, i modeled for myself again...i know i model for all of my projects but i know what i want and i just ..... I WANNA BE A MODEL...i do i really do, so if the only way i can do it is by modeling for myself then fuck it lol. This was photographer by Oliver Savage xx

Still Life Shoot for Triffel

This shoot accompanied the previous shoot but this was showing how to wear the trend we used the same model but made them more contemporary. Red Riding Hood modeling Underwear (i was photoshopped to shit). Goldielocks modeling facinators. Snow White modeling bloc colours and Miss Muffet modeling make up. lovely

Triffel Photoshoot...Group Effort

For our Final Major proj we had to create a magazine, we decided to kinda base ours on Lula Mag but, not really. The shoot had a fable theme we did Little Miss Muffet modeled by Emily Legge, Snow White modeled by Claire Anderson, Goldielocks modeled by Emma Brewin and Little Red Riding Hood modeled by me. Our Group was Me, Kara Bogle, Stacy Smith, Emmilia Cousins and Amelia Williams. This was Photographed by Michael McCarthy. The idea was to do a cheeky twist on classic fairytales so we had Miss Muffet with a giant toy spider, Snow White with garden knomes, Red Riding Hood with a real scarry doggy and Goldielocks with teddy bears..such fun xxx

Floaty Photoshoot

This was another Trend booklete i did i forgot to mention all these photoshoots are for my Fashion Forcasting Foundation Degree..yeh anyway the photographer was olla and Claire Anderson was my model. The idea was that she was a dead body floating through the water...creepy!!!